The Week in Review

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After shitting the bed on my UFC Tampa plays it really put me behind the eight ball so to speak knowing I’d be in catch-up mode going into Sunday. I managed to cut the deficit almost in half with my college football plays, which helped.

Then, after hovering around .500 for the first month in my NFL plays, the flood gates finally opened and I swept the board. I also hit on my lone MLB play of the year. I capped the weekend off by hitting my Monday Night Football play on the Lions +4.5 to finish perfect in the NFL.

Congrats to those that tailed, your comments are greatly appreciated.

Every play I make is posted on Twitter @michaelgrocke for complete transparency.

I hope all your bets were winners!

Here is a breakdown for the week ending 10/14:

UFC Tampa Predictions: 9-5

Bellator Milan/230 Predictions: 5-3

UFC Plays: 0-3 for -3.50*

MLB: 1-0 for +1.0* - YTD: 1-0 for +1.0*

College Football: 5-3-1 for +1.70 - YTD: 17-11 for +5.55*

NFL: 7-0 for +7.0* - YTD: 14-8 for +3.60*

Totals for the week not including UFC: 13-6-1 for +6.20*

YTD total not including UFC: 32-19 for +10.15*

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